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Ch 4 Wordsearch Docx Worksheet 4E Word Search Puzzle

2. Orthopedic surgeons are also referred to as Orthopedist 3. The anatomical name for the breast bone is the sternum 4. Arthroclasia is a term meaning to surgically break a joint. 5. Intracranial is a term meaning inside the skull… 6. A compression fracture results in loss of …

The Best Medical Terminology Word Search Puzzle

The Best Medical Terminology Word Search Puzzle

We put together a Word Search puzzle book; “Medical Terminology with Definitions” that includes 1,880 medical terms, including definitions of every term in the back of the puzzle book. Medical Terminology Puzzle Book Every medical student is swamped with an overload of information to learn. Getting a break can be really, really hard!

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1. Cyanosis Blue Condition 2. Dermatology Skin The study of 3. Hyperemia Excessive blood condition 4. Keratosis Horney/Hardened Condition 5. Hemangioma Blood vessel mass/tumor 6. Albinism White state of 7. Carcinoma Cancer Tumor 8. Ichthyosis Skin becomes dry scaly and Keratinized 9. Onychia Claw nail state of 10. Biopsy

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Advertisement. Advertisement. Medical terminology is the language used to describe human body. Basically. there are three main parts of a medical term, the root, prefix and a suffix. Here, we’ve hidden some important medical terms in this word search puzzle. Play it …

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Medical Term Chapter 4 Puzzle.rtf – Chapter 4: The Integumentary System Word Search #4 Instructions: 1. Find the terms on the word list in this puzzle. Medical Term Chapter 4 Puzzle.rtf – Chapter 4: The… School Kennesaw State University; Course Title DEPARTMENT ES 2300; Uploaded By knronmcclain16. Pages 2 This preview shows page 1 – 2 out of 2 pages. …

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Medical Crossword Puzzles (With Answers included)

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chondroma a slow growing benign tumor derived from cartilage cells costochondritis inflammation of the cartilage that connects a rib to the sternum craniostenosis a malformation of the skull due to premature closure of the cranial sutures crepitation the grating sound heard when the ends of broken bones move together hemopoietic

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Worksheet 4B Medical Term Analysis Directions: Below are terms built from word parts used in this chapter that are not analyzed in the Word Building Table. Many are built from word parts you have learned in previous chapters. Analyze each term presented below and list and define the word parts used to build each term. Medical Term Word Part Analysis 1. osteocyte oste/o – …